Want to Succeed in Life and in Sales ? Give , Give and Give Some More

Want to Succeed in Life and in Sales ? Give , Give and Give Some MoreI read alot. About Two to Three books a week. Yet out of all the books that i have read, very few inspire me and move me in the way that The Go-Giver : A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea  by @Bob Burg does.

In summary, the book is about what happens when you change your focus from getting to giving— when you start putting others interests first and when you strive to continually add value to other people’s lives— when you do this you will start getting unexpected returns in your own life. Continue reading

How to run a great sales promotion

How to implement a sales promotionAs we head towards the end of the year and the holiday season , most retailers and small businesses start to think of way to implement sales promotions to increase sales and drive traffic to their stores/businesses.

Before you rush out to implement a sales promotion or fall in love with the first promotion that comes to your mind, you need to analyse and plan the promotion if you want it to succeed.

As you work through the questions below, bear in mind that you may not be able to answer all these questions. That does not mean that the idea you had for a sales promotion is a bade one, it simply means that you need to focus more intently on how you will implement the promotion. At the end of the day, what you want is for your store to become a place where things are always happening. Continue reading

How to become a business genius

Become a Business GeniusAll business people, no matter where they are in terms of their development, have skills. Some business people are great at selling. Some are great at managing systems. For me, learning business skills are a lot like learning a new martial arts; when we develop these skills over time, they become a natural part of us. And because these skills (like the martial arts moves) feel natural, we start to use these skills reflexively whenever we confront problems, challenges or opportunities.

The more we use these skills, the better we become at them. And when the world starts to know that we are good at them, people start to come to us for help with the kind of problems that we appear to have a natural genius for solving. Continue reading

Why You Are Responsible for Marketing Your Business

Why You Are Responsible for Marketing Your BusinessConsidering that we spend so much time in the field, sleeves rolled up, toiling day in and day out, trying to build our business – it is surprising then that we dont always want to take full responsibility to market our business. In the beginning we put it off to the fact that we are not big enough, dont have the marketing expertise or the budget to market our business. When the business grows bigger, we ship it off to the first marketing agency that comes along.  Continue reading

6 ways to help you develop a strategy for your business

6 ways to help you develop a retail/business strategyTo be a succesful retailer today, you need to work both”in” your business to generate a return on your investment today and to work “on” your business to generate a return on investment in the future. This means that as business owners and managers,  it becomes critical that you take time to stand back from the business , to analyse it objectively, and to develop a plan for the future…..

Here are 6 ways to help you develop a strategy for your business : Continue reading